Joe Dante Tribute

Joe Dante Tribute

A collection of programs in honor of Master of Horror Joe Dante.

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Joe Dante Tribute

8 Videos

  • Dr. Udru - The Early Films of Joe Dante

    The Early Films Of Joe Dante - Piranha, The Howling & More!

  • A Message from Chris Walas, Gremlins FX

  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch - 30th Anniversary Reunion

    Featuring Joe Dante, Zach Galligan, Robert Picardo, and Michael Finnell.

    Moderated by Nightmare on Film Street

  • Purple Stuff Podcast - Gremlins: On the Periphery

    The Purple Stuff Podcast is hosted by a pair of east coast geek bloggers who love toys, horror movies and limited edition soda. Jay from Sludge Central and Matt from Dinosaur Dracula share a passion for nonsense, and The Purple Stuff Podcast is their ongoing tribute to trivial-but-terrific things...

  • Pure Cinema Podcast - The Movies That Made Joe Dante

    A weekly film podcast hosted by Elric Kane (of the Shock Waves podcast) and Brian Saur (of the Rupert Pupkin Speaks film blog) featuring discussions of new films, old films, double features, cult movies, filmmakers and movie lists among a smorgasbord of other Cinema-related things.

  • The Howling: 40th Anniversary Reunion

    Featuring Joe Dante, Dee Wallace, Robert Picardo, John Sayles and Michael Finnell.

    Moderated by Zena Dixon

  • The Faculty of Horror - The Howling

    Tackling all things horror with a slash of analysis and research, horror journalists and occasional academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are your hosts for brain-plumping discussions on all things that go bump in the night.

    Produced independently in Toronto, Ontario The Faculty of Horro...

  • That Guy Dick Miller

    Documentary about veteran character actor Dick Miller, whose career in and outside of Hollywood has spanned almost 200 films across six decades, featuring a diverse range of interviews with directors, co-stars, and contemporaries.

    Directed by Elijah Drenner.